An original point of view


Check the steps of my research progress, new solutions for some problems, or detailed information about some regions, where you would like to go. I present to you my own library comprised of ebooks released in recent times. Some of them are written in Polish, which is my mother tongue. I can translate them for you if you are interested in.

  1. Intriguing phenomena possible to observe during the solar eclipse – The book covers all my investigations about the optical Earth’s atmosphere response on the umbral movement. There are described celestial events happening mostly away from the Sun. This publication features a rare topic, which is going to be developed in the future.
    Zaćmienie Słońca - intrygujące zjawiskaType:                Ebook
    Issue date:   12.10.2020
    Language:    Polish
    ISBN:              978-83-959411-0-8
    Pricing:          $6
    Download:   Available here
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